Tuesday, January 2, 2018

What Happened in 2017?

I have to say that the past year has been nothing to shout about, at least as far as signals from KL2R have been concerned. Re-cabling in the shack and building a solid SO2R with new hardware from Microham basically came to a screeching halt. Contest opportunities and team members dried up, life basically getting in the way of a hobby.

The results are clear from log statistics from 2017 thanks to Clublog.
It is the lowest QSO count in a decade. The only year lower was 2006. We only formed the Two Rivers Contest Club in the fall of that year! So we go down in 2017 as not a failure but rather a station in transition. The to-do list is substantial, but so is the commitment to get it done in 2018.


  1. Some things you did not mention were having troublesome aurora light up the Alaska skies this past fall, sometimes bright enough to see your shadow and secondly, that we really still are in the solar minimum. Occasionally, simply floating down the river is nice to do. You see things you would otherwise miss. Eventually, we will start furiously paddling again. I suspect that will happen shortly. Dan KL1JP

  2. The good news, Dan, is that despite continuing geomagnetic disturbance, we're off to a good start for the year with over 1000 QSOs in the log since New Year's Day. FT8's immense popularity and the International Grid Chase have motivated folks to seek out Alaska even more than before. No more waiting for conditions to support SSB contacts, which have been increasingly rare.