Monday, April 7, 2014

A Little Action for ARRL Centennial

The ARRL Centennial QSO Party brings with it some motivation to activate my personal call N1TX. Working me is worth 12 points, because I am a Technical Specialist.  This year-long QSO Party has been incredibly popular, and of course any Alaska signal chumming the waters generates a lot of action anyway. The European pileups have been bodacious.  Listen for N1TX/KL7 evenings after 0100Z and on non-contest weekends. CW is my preferred mode, but I'll be ramping up the digital modes, especially RTTY, in the coming weeks.  I'll toss in regular phone contacts for good measure. Since extended daylight hours are upon us, listen primarily on 10-20 meters.

The Centennial QSO Party Leaderboard shows some respectable standings for several Alaska stations. KL7RA is currently ranked #6 overall.  WL7E is #19, AL9A is #24.  KL2R is ranked #57 without even trying.