Tuesday, July 15, 2014


There for a while it seemed we were going gangbusters in the contests.  Last year was horribly slow for no good reason, winter storms excepted.  I think I (N1TX) was highly motivated in 2012 with scoring high in the regional WRTC selection.  I can say 2014 numbers do not include the 4000 or so contacts we made as W1AW/KL7 in late June.  If we are able to complete Sweepstakes in both modes as well as CQWW, it will have been a great year in sheer volume.  LoTW confirmations allow us to claim DXCC 150 on 20m alone since the club's inception, but this year DXCC counts seem low to date.

YearNumber of DXCCsNumber of QSOsQSOs as Percent
2014776020CW: 31.88%
Phone: 51.76%
Data: 16.36%

20131226042CW: 58.74%
Phone: 1.26%
Data: 40.00%

201215312738CW: 49.50%
Phone: 21.40%
Data: 29.10%