Sunday, October 12, 2014

Final Week of W1AW/KL7

Rich KL7RA pulled off a miracle and herded Alaska cats again for the second and final week of W1AW/KL7 operations for the ARRL Centennial.  KL2R contributed about 9% of the 37k QSOs thanks to KL1JP, KL3UI, KL6C, WL7BDO, and N1TX.  Overall it was a greater count than June operations, but KL2R's log was lighter this time around.  Fewer operating hours were possible from this location.  

Gary NL7Y generously loaned the use of his FTDX5000MP, which proved a very solid performer in receive.  It did duty a lot on CW and RTTY without flinching.  The audio is easy on your ears, and the dual-receive is extremely useful for a variety of conditions.

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