Saturday, April 23, 2011

Springtime Teases

Breakup this year seems slow to proceed.  An abundance of snow as well as days and nights toggling between 35-40 and 10-20F means a constant cycle of slow thaw and re-freeze.  Antennas weigh on our minds, Dan and I.  KL1JP has already begun construction of a 160 vertical, and a new Hexx beam arrived in the mail.  Planning for Field Day has begun in earnest, too.

Until the ground thaws, a lot of preparation for summer is in order.  Gather parts, place orders, line up volunteers.  As the snow parts, a few blades of grass are beginning to green.  Still, the ground is solid as cement just below the surface.  It's a tease.

A new QSL design has just been shipped to Gennady UX5UO.  Fantastic work at a reasonable price.


  1. Hi Larry, great QSL design hope to receive one sometime.
    The radioshack must be isolated very well....73, Bas

  2. We're about 30 km east of Fairbanks, Bas. The community called Two Rivers is widely scattered. Most people live on large lots (5 acres or more), so there is plenty of room for antennas.

  3. hi Guys-
    Nice card design. Would like to visit the shack sometime when we're in the Fairbanks area.
    See you on the air. 73 Eric KL/N6SPP

  4. Drop a line when you head up, Eric.