Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The Big Lake crew make repairs under summer midnight light.


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  2. And more...

    We did have help

    The ham who came out of the wood work and will be noted is NL7Z, Kevin Forster. Kevin was instrumental in this project. He loaned us extra rigging in case we ran short, came over several times to help out, gave me supplies to finish the antenna at the 11th hour when all the stores were closed. Came over when Deb and I were building the tower to see if all was well, gave me a relay to replace the blown relay the day of the contest, and on and on. Kevin has a real love of this hobby and his support in this project shows just that. Kevin Forster is without question an intelligent generous man who exercises sound judgment and fine humor.

    KL7FZ, Steve Tolly: Steve let have the run of his 5 acres of radio " stuff". Yes, I did pay for what I took but I came and went when I wanted, He helped me load, helped me find what I was looking for and is a real asset to the ham radio community.

  3. From Frank WL7O and Debbie KL7OU:

    When Rich first mentioned that he was taking on the IARU contest I had no idea what was to be involved. Knowing that it would be a monumental task on his part I offered to help out.

    My thoughts at the time were something along the line of Debbie and myself taking our travel trailer down to that part of the world and finding a nice camp ground setting up and spending time at the KL7RA shack helping out with what ever Rich needed to prep the station. Keep in mind that I was thinking along the lines of ground work. Rich not knowing me, I was fine with the possibility of being assigned the simple tasks.

    My thinking was, a bit of a vacation at a campground with some helping out and a chance for us to see the KL7RA shack in contest mode.

    Well, to my surprise things were expected of Both Debbie and me that I had not thought of! But we are who we are and in our "book" Rich is a good man so Deb and I looked at one another and said, " what the hell, in for a penny in for a pound"!

    Once that was said it was no turning back!

    And last but really first Is KL7OU, Debbie, without her none of this would have taken place, Debbie is the champ!

    All in all so many were involved with this contest, yourself included that I only have to say that it was our pleasure to have been a part of the W1AW/KL7 contest team.